Mac Mouse Fix

Hi There!

My name is Noah and I made Mac Mouse Fix. When I started this project I was completely new to software development, but with the power of Google, Stack Overflow, and Apple's Developer Documentation at my fingertips I managed to learn what is necessary to deliver a solid little app that I hope will be useful for you guys.
Working on Mac Mouse Fix made me discover a passion for programming, and led me to enroll in a Computer Science Degree at college, which has been awesome so far. I probably won't have a lot of time to work on Mac Mouse Fix during the semester, but please feel free to make your own contributions to Mac Mouse Fix on GitHub!


Why Mac Mouse Fix? There are already apps for smooth scrolling and remapping mouse buttons.

I was looking for an easy way to use Spaces and Mission Control from my mouse. I found some great software like Steer Mouse and BetterTouchTool, but none of it was free. So I decided to build my own - 100% free - solution.
At some point I started working on a smooth scrolling algorithm for fun and it led me to the idea of tackling all the most common problems which Mac users have with their mice in one neat little package.

Does Mac Mouse Fix track your information?

I'm committed to your privacy. Mac Mouse Fix does not have ads and it doesn't track any information about you.
If you have automatic updates turned on, Mac Mouse Fix will ping Github's servers every time you launch the app to ask for an update. I can't retrieve any information about that however.
This Website used to use Hotjar which I chose as a more privacy focused alternative to Google Analytics. I used this to see how many times the site was visited and how many times the download button was clicked. You can view all recorded data here.

Is Mac Mouse Fix compatible with the Apple Magic Mouse?

Mac Mouse Fix makes your third party mouse better! But it has no effect on Apple's Magic Mouse.

Which macOS version do I need to run Mac Mouse Fix?

Mac Mouse Fix is compatible with macOS 10.11 El Capitan or later.

How do I uninstall Mac Mouse Fix?

  1. Make sure Mac Mouse Fix is enabled
  2. Move Mac Mouse Fix to the Trash
Mac Mouse Fix will then delete all files which it created on your system.

However, macOS might have created more Mac Mouse Fix related files automatically. To get rid of all residue I recommend the awesome AppCleaner by FreeMacSoft.

Why does Mac Mouse Fix need Accessibility Access?

Mac Mouse Fix uses these special privileges to capture input from your mouse as well as some keyboard modifiers.
This lets Mac Mouse Fix take these inputs and transform them into something more useful. For example when you Hold Command (⌘) and scroll at the same time, Mac Mouse Fix will capture this input and transform it into 'Zoom in' or 'Zoom out' instructions for your computer.

To see how this works in detail, check out the Mac Mouse Fix source code GitHub.

What's new in the latest version of Mac Mouse Fix?

Find out in the release notes.